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If you are a virgin adsl user and like the 5 people in this post having identical massive pings and freezes please post here so we can gauge if its affecting a few people or everyone.

plz dont post here if your on another ISP maybe start a similar thread if you know there are more than 2 or 3 with your isp and identical problems.
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You know I am. *raises hand*
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when i join vent i can talk fine for a minuite or two but it starts to lagg badly untill it freezes completely and can take somtimes several mins to come through ofter 5 people speaking at once as it all catches up after a freeze. 2.3 never did this to me why the change?

this is the trace route to the pro vent server my guild uses

C:\Documents and Settings\Thorg>tracert

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 57 ms 60 ms 56 ms []
2 56 ms 56 ms 58 ms [213.106.23
3 56 ms 54 ms 58 ms []
4 58 ms 64 ms 64 ms []
5 62 ms 62 ms 62 ms []
6 62 ms 62 ms 60 ms [130.117.14.
7 70 ms 62 ms 62 ms [130.117.2.
8 62 ms 60 ms 58 ms [130.117.
9 72 ms 70 ms 68 ms [130.117.1.
10 72 ms 74 ms 74 ms [130.117.1.
11 78 ms 79 ms 78 ms [130.117.1.
12 87 ms 83 ms 81 ms [130.117.2.
13 85 ms 85 ms 83 ms []
14 85 ms 83 ms 81 ms []
15 83 ms 85 ms 83 ms [213.248
16 85 ms 87 ms 83 ms []

Trace complete.

a quick ping check to google showed 69ms latency this is quite normal for

virgin claim the software they use should not affect the connection. and it was working fine b4 i installled 3.0. with the rest of my guild. It seems that the software they are using did work with 2.3 as many people didnt have a single problem b4 but whatever the change its brought up a confliction with there packet shaping software which they also say is automated and they cant accsess it manualy only their manager can do this. now is this right? i know very little about isp's and how they work but is now the second biggest bradband provider in the uk so i imagine you ventrilo guys and the virgin tech guys are gonna get a lot of enquiry as to who is responsible virgin or ventrilo.

possibly theres some software that more than 1 isp is using for traffic or packet shaping (virgin tech guy refered to it as traffic shaping)that previously didnt have any confliction but now does?

they say its a problem with the new release and not any software they are using are they right? im quite confused

m running a windows XP sp2 duel core 2.13g pentium 1gig ram soundmax hd AUDIO asus p5v-vm dh mobo with pcgaurd firewall and anti virus (tried running without the FW on and no difference) and using a usb modem speedtouch 330

plz help as i cant raid properly and its a high guild requirement to use vent and a mic (which i love when it works its on half the day everyday)
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I'm in the original thread, but signing here for completeness.
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I had this issue with Plusnet about a week ago. My usual 27ms ping went up to 5000ms.

The problem was with their traffic shaping. The Vent 3 packets were not being detected as high priority traffic and thus the low ping.

They got me to run WireShark when Vent was running and sent them the log file. Next day - back to a 27ms ping.

I expect this will be the same for you guys too.
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I am on virgin.. have contacted their email support and following is an excerpt of their email to me...

(i am on Virgin Bundle 1 ADSL, using a Sony laptop with a Sigmatel sound chip)


I did include a lot of relevent information here but the forum is unwilling to let me post my full reply for some reason!!!

Damnit!!! I can't share the information with you cos the forum is editing my post for some reason and it is cut off.

Basically my line has been upgraded to a Max service which increases download speeds at the expense of latency. Interleaving is used to improve speeds but this affects the latency.

However i don't think this is the whole problem. In my Control Panel, I cannot get into Sound Reality ASIO Settings cos it causes an error in rundll32. ASIO is a protocol commonly used by VOIP programs such as Skype and possibly Ventrilo. Is anyone else having this issue?

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Have just had a chat with a Virgin Media representative using their online chat support feature, and they told me that packet shaping is not in effect on their ADSL service. They cited the fact that vent 2.3 worked fine as an example of this fact. They said that only ports known to be used for attacks are closed.

I am none the wiser :S

Nicolas (15:23):Hi, Welcome to Virgin Media Chat and Remote Assistance. My name is Nicolas. How may I help you?
User (15:24):Hi, i am having problems of high latency using the upgraded version of ventrilo
User (15:24):I am trying to establish if packet shaping is in operation ove Virgin ADSL, and if this could be affecting my service
User (15:25):*on
Nicolas (15:25):Oh yes we been getting quite a number of these at the moment. Has this issue only happened with the newest version of the VIOP software
Nicolas (15:25):sorry VOIP
User (15:25):yes. it happened with version 3.0.0, and also when i upgraded to 3.0.1
User (15:26):version 2.3 worked fine..
Nicolas (15:28):ok, well if version 2.3 works then its not going to be packet shaping.
User (15:28):the problem seems to be the exponential buildup of lag on the inbound sound. I recieve a clipped message in full sound resolution sometimes 5-10 minutes after the person said it
User (15:29):hmm.. i suspected the same about the packet shaping and the lack of problems in the previous version
User (15:31):is it possible that a new protocol may be in use in the 3.0 versions that is being interrupted only now?
Nicolas (15:33):not really, we tend to only monitor the known ports that have been used for attacks and spearding of virus
Nicolas (15:33):these are the only ports that we block
User (15:33):ok. that is good
Nicolas (15:35):I will suggest that you take a look at the fourms on the website. This software may require some tweaking but I'm sure that someone has found a fix for it.
User (15:35):i have looked extensively on their forums, but have had no joy yet
User (15:36):thanks for clearing up the packet shaping issue
Nicolas (15:36):Not a problem, sorry that I couldn't reslove it for you. But take a look around the 3rd party sites. I've always found them to be more helpful.
User (15:37):will do. thanks again. i'll not take ny more of your time.
Nicolas (15:37):Thanks for using virginmedia chat. Bye
User (15:37):seeya

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Good work. So now that is out of the way, can we please get the software programmers to un-do what they did in 3.0 so that we can all have a functionsing vent back?

Meh, I think it would be eaiser just to switch my clan back to TS.
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I don't care what Virgin claims in a chat, they absolutely are shaping it. Look at the facts.

-Problems occur during peak usage (same time they perform shaping of other services)
-The ping to the server is fine, but actual use (ie the Vent protocol) causes not just ping, but huge packet loss and disconnects.
-You can recreate the same situation by connecting to a Vent server of a friend next door not on Virgin, but be very capable of using any other service with him.
-Virgin are cheating bastards who have over-saturated their service with users and now cripple all their Max users to compensate during peak hours, they are not above packet shaping like this.
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