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Default Ventrilo and BF2

I have finally discovered a few things about BF2 and why it causes problems with Ventrilo.

BF2 likes to set the "Line input" device to its own setting. However, this might wind up raising or more probably lowering the mic input volume to a setting that is unusable for Ventrilo. However, there are several options you can chose from to solve these problems.

1) Make sure your BF2 is patched to 1.2 or higher. When my BF2 starts it shows a version number in the upper right hand corner of the screen with the following number: 1.1.2696-528.0 and is what I performed all of my testing with.

2) Disable in game VoIP under the Options -> Audio tabs. While this might not be desirable it is the best solution.

3A) In Ventrilo -> Setup -> Voice make sure you select a mixer / mux / line and set the Line Input slider to the desired value, the click OK. If you selected a "Line" then each time you connect to a server ventrilo will force the specific Line to be the actual input source and set the specified Line input volume.

3B) After doing 3A go into the Ventrilo Binds Editor and set a key to function "Reset sound input device". (This will require that you select the specified binding profile from the main window).

3C) While in game after the map has loaded and started press your bind key for the "Reset sound input device". After 3 seconds you should hear a system beep. This will reselect the Line input device and restore the Line volume to what you select in the Setup->Voice page. You might have to do this after each map change.

It's important to understand that BF2 is trying to set the sound input device to its own desired settings and Ventrilo has no control over this. So these techniques are a work around. If you don't need ingame voip then option #2 is the best solution but the option 3's are viable and proven to work on my system.

Note: To prove that BF2 is changing the sound input device setting behind Ventrilo's back do the following.

A) Perform option 3A as shown above.
B) Connect to a ventrilo server
C) Start BF2 with VOIP enabled.
D) Enter a server and map, play for a while then leave the game.
E) Click Start button -> Run and enter this command:
F) notepad %appdata%\ventrilo\ventrilo.log
G) Scroll to the end and you should see something like: "Microphone input level has been altered externally."

This message is only generated when another program modifiers the sound input device settings behind Ventrilo's back and ONLY if you have a Mixer / Mux / Line selected in Ventrilo.

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