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Default Comment to Phaedrus - Will Probably Get Deleted

Some comments on your comments on a closed thread about your GSM problems:
You're obviously a troll in need of a clue; so let me provide you with one, free of charge. Why don't we start with a story?
Here's a story for you: I've been on these forums longer than you have and have advised people with regards to Speex problems. If you'd looked through the forums at all you'd see that. Also, the "And a pony!" comment was not directed towards you; it was directed towards the "remove GSM as an option" comment.

I do feel for your situation, but again I will restate what I said before: An end-game guild that doesn't give a damn about making a trivial change to a server so that ALL members can work together is not a guild worth being in. I've been in two end-game guilds that ran into this problem. The first one (which I had been in for over a year) made the change quickly with no questions asked. The second guild (which I had only been in for a month) refused over and over again to make the change. I asked them why and they told me the usual excuses of "it will sound worse" and "it will take a lot of work". I debunked these myths and shortly thereafter they made the switch to Speex and haven't looked back.

Now, if this second guild never made the switch I would be stuck using VPC to listen in and not be able to talk back. As they're the only end-game guild making serious progress on this realm, I would have been screwed. And it was because of that that I made sure to press my case and explain in detail how and why they should switch to Speex.
So smart guy, if you hadn't already come to the realization from reading my base post, I am guildless. Why? All end-game guilds on my server require Ventrilo to coordinate with and yet none of their servers support Macs. Unless you happen to be a personal friend of the guildmaster in question, convincing anyone to request a change made to a mechanism upon which they are reliant upon is like squeezing water out of a rock.
And you want to game with people like this? I'd rather be working on ZG pugs than play with people who don't give a damn about anyone but themselves. That was the point of my original post, and I'm sticking with it.
The above scenario is typical of the crap Mac users have to wade through if they want to experience end-game content. We’ve got to claw our way through the bias PC users have toward Mac users in hopes of locating a guild that is willing to work with us.
I used to work at a university providing tech support and I argued weekly (if not daily) about the lack of Mac support and the university's decisions to use proprietary Windows solutions when cross-platform solutions were readibly available. So I know from bias in real life and not just a cute little game.
My point is, WHY should we have to rely upon the sympathies of others just to get a fair shot at end-game content? We shouldn’t!
"Relying on the sympathies of others" is basically what guilds are all about. You can't get into MC without at least 39 other people who want to, so you're relying on them. If all of your priests decide not to raid one night, guess what? You're not raiding. If you don't like relying on other people, don't look for an end-game raiding guild.

Basically, what I'm saying is that while I sympathize with your situation, you're looking to Ventrilo to solve the problem of human nature (greed and sloth) by making a sweeping change to their software. And this wouldn't even solve your problem, because current servers would still be using GSM and your two end-game guilds would still be unwilling to switch.

Here's hoping that I won't get banned from the forums or anything over this. I just wanted to address a few things Phaedrus brought up, and this was the only way I could do it.
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hmmm, at least warrants a lock.
Flagship has stated previously this problem goes away with the next major upgrade.

case closed, no more bantering about GSM vs Speex.
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