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Default GSM support on Mac?

Considering the GSM codec is the default and therefore most prominently used on Ventrilo are there any plans to release this in an upgraded client for Mac OSX.

I am trying to join a vent server of a friend who is on Windows and has his server set to GSM and i think it is a huge inconvenience to get every vent user to change their servers codec just for each Mac user that wants to join. It would make more sense to either change the default to the codec that can me used by all clients or make the one that is default (GSM) available on all platforms.

It is extremely difficult to get the server owner to change his settings via WoW text chat especially when ive never seen the server controls before never mind knowing what to do with them.
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Here are a few pieces of information to help you out.

First, read this from the troubleshooting guide, item #2 and item #3


Secondly, Speex is very popular due to it's open-source nature and cross platform compatibility.

Encourage whoever hosts your server to switch it to Speex; you will probably get better sounding audio, less bandwidth and cross platform compatibility so it's a win-win all the way around.
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Thank you very much, i will send that link to the server admin. Fingers crossed all goes well =)
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