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Default Windows 8.1 Can't connect to one specific server

Hey all. Thanks for any help in advance. Here is the situation:
So I cannot connect to a specific ventrillo server. I have friends in there constantly, but I cant connect. Im running Win 8.1 and my ISP is comcast. I have their xfinity router. I always have trouble connecting to this server. I recently changed operating systems windows 8>Ubuntu>windows 8.1. Both times on windows 8 and 8.1 I couldn't connect. I factory reset my router and I could connect for a while on my win8 installation. But not I cant connect again and I have already factory reset my router. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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could you try the telnet program to see if it connect?

Prog-Rocker has a good description to use

if you recently had a windows update or other software update apply, maybe something "adjusted" your firewall or security settings.
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