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Angry Was kicked from my own vent

I have a headach now and am rdy to pull my hair out................SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME....It said I entered wrong password.....Heck I was in vent for 3 hrs and then poof just like that I was kicked...............I didn't change anything for fear I would mess it up......I have no idea what globel password is or even means.....I am suppose to be SA as I pay for this service......and now here I sit....kicked out...............FLAGSHIP...either u or someone better help me or I will now be renewing my account....or what good is it if it doesn't work......I hate this 3.0 version.........its hard for me to understand........and your directions are something else to be desired............HELP PLZ PLZ PLZ
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Are you hosted by us? If so, please call the office so we can help you, thanks. is offline   Reply With Quote
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You should contact your hosting company. I don't have the details about your server or your login, but they would.

I have never had the problems you described, so your hosting company is the best place for help.
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Thumbs down If I don't get this fixed, I will be signing up with

I feel your the one that should help guys changed vent and now its a mess.......I had no problem till this....and now I am very disappointed........This is enough for me to take my money elsewhere.......I need help.......I am logging for the night but when I log on tomorrow this crap better work ...if not I expect someone to give me a telelphone number so that I can talk one on one with a live person to resolve this befor I lose my mind.....................
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Old 11-15-2007, 10:58 AM   #5
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I know you're frustrated that you've locked yourself out of your server. But demanding that Ventrilo fix it is like demanding that Ford unlock your car after you've locked your keys in it.

You should contact however is hosting the server for you. They will be able to unlock your server for you.
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Old 11-15-2007, 11:08 AM   #6
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First off, generally speaking, threatening folks isn't needed. Your upset and/or frustrated. That is understood. I've been there.

Have you upgraded to the 3.0 client software?

You need to contact your hosting company. THEY control the vent server you have leased. NOT Ventrilo. Yes Ventrilo provided a much needed overhaul/upgrade. BUT you connect to a server at YOUR hosting company.

You wish to talk to a live person? Contact your hosting company. I've had hosting company contact issues with nrgservers some time back. They wouldn't return emails and no phone number was available. Ventrilo finally got in contact with them and we worked out the issue. (I changed hosting providers).

Have you even tried contacting your hosting provider? Have a go at that first.

The thing your not getting, is that the folks at Ventrilo don't have access to your account details and/or your vent server. Those belong to a different organization - your hosting company.

It would sort of be like if I bought tires from Walmart and then complained that they didn't work/look/feel right to Ford Corporate headquarters. Same logic, Ford made the car so they should be responsible? Not likely.

Contact your service provider. If they are non-responsive then send a note to Ventrilo with your account info and the name of your hosting provider. Maybe they can prod your provider into contacting you.

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Contact your host
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Old 11-18-2007, 04:41 AM   #8
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Its a bug, I just figured out why she's banned. If someone tries to log on as a name already on vent and cant guess the password right... itll ban not only the person trying to do it but it'll kick off and ban the real one already on vent. That needs to be fixed quick cuz that can be abused A LOT.
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Old 11-18-2007, 05:55 AM   #9
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I used the wrong admin password, and now I cannot login again, and theres no way to remove the old password, can someone tell us what to do.
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