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Default iSight support?

Hey there. I just started using the mac prototype app. It works great if I use my iMic USB adapter, with an external microphone.

Are there any plans to support the iSight's built-in microphone?

(If you haven't heard of it, here's a link to the iSight: [url][/url] )

I have used it with TeamSpeak and via iChat AV (of course, an apple product), but it doesn't show up as an option in ventrilo's prototype.

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The sound system has a few glitches that will be addressed in the next prototype. But to my knowledge the iSight worked.

Guess I'll buy one and check it to be sure.
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Yes, the iSight works, but you do get the "Darth Vader" voice due to the resampling bug in Prototype6.
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so when *IS* the next prototype coming out?? as funny as it is.. it is really annoying sounding like a childmolester from an afterschool special.
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