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Default One Found Solution for: ?MSG Contacting Server

Hi all, i was having the same problem as alot of you, i upgraded from 2.3 to 3.0 and was unable to connect to my server, no matter what i changed i was not able to connect, i thought this had to do with not being able to add [Intf] to the non pro version, but i found that my problem was, i was trying to access my server, which was on another computer in my network, with an external address. Once i tried connecting to it with a local network address, it was fine, and could see and connect perfectly. And as i have seen in other peoples posts, most said that others could connect to their servers from out side the network. So my solution is this:

if the server is on your local network, you must use a local address:
ie. 192.168.*.*

but it is fine for others to connect from out side with say a URL style address:

i hope this helps some of you, with this new confounded version 3 =\
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This has always been the case. Connecting to the external address from the inside of your network is incorrect. If it worked previously, you just got lucky.
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Unhappy wa?

sorry but i am still a bit confused are you saying that if you are hosting a server, you can connect to the ip that starts 192.268 yadayadayada but other people have to connect to a URL rather than ip. if so, how do you know which url to choose
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