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Lightbulb Connection issues after major Windows10 upgrade - check for third-party firewall

Just wanted to give a heads up on less-than-frequently updated third-party (Windows) firewalls and apologize for swearing (internally) at Ventrilo.

I had connection issues with Ventrilo, which were completely resolved by uninstalling the Windows upgrade. So I assumed it was either Ventrilo or Windows10 - or the interconnected compatibility.

So, I started tweaking Ventrilo - and swearing. I assumed Microsoft had enough feedback to work out related kinks on their end in April. So I blamed Ventrilo, initially. But in the end, I found the culprit. My [URL=""]TinyWall[/URL] isn't completely compatible with the latest Windows update and creates conflicts that hindered Ventrilo functionality (as well as VPN connections, it turns out).

So, just a heads up for anyone experiencing recent connection issues. It seems the newest Windows update is advancing the firewall, which can create connectivity issues for third-party firewalls which are not updated accordingly.
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