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Default Vent lock ups with large numbers of people

Well I should start off by saying that I love the new vent, It's sooo nice that I can now talk to my rl friends and guildies while just hanging out and playing. My WoW guild switched to the speex codec right when this vent game out. I have no problems and it works great when I'm just talking to a few people even like 20 or so. When my guild did BWL, a 40 man raid instance in WoW though I assume most of you know that , we had about 50 people in one channel on our vent server and my vent would periodicly lock up. It happened 5 or 6 times over the course of a 7 or so hour raid. Vent would just go silent and I'd think no one was talking at first, but I'd window out and try to click on my vent window. When I did this the mouse 'thinking' icon would come up and the window wouldn't respond at all. I just forced quit it and reloaded and everything worked fine. I guess I'm just wondering what could be causing this, and wondering if other people have had this problem. I have a feeling that it happens when a lot of people try to talk at once, and loudly. Like after a boss when everyone cheers at once or something.
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