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Default Speex problems

I rent a ventrilo server from Edgz. We have one Mac user in our guild and so I've switched the server from GSM to speex so that he could connect. I've asked everybody to upgrade to the beta version of ventrilo and most if not all have.

The problem we're having is that now, some of our windows users only hear static from other users. It's not everyone, but about 5 of us cannot be heard beyond static.

I read in a post here that lowering the outbound to -2 would fix this, and while it does help with the static, those people are simply too quiet to hear now. I personally have had people tell me they've individually raised my volume to 700% and can still barely make out what I'm saying.

I know people keep stressing the fact that the sound quality of speex is just as good as GSM if configured correctly, so is there some configuration I'm missing? Any and all suggestions to get this fixed are welcome.
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I'm having a very similar problem to Zarile, one user on a mac and people complain about loud feedback lack of clarity and other just plain noise.

Is the anything that can be done about this? is GSM support planned for the next release?

I really would like to continue to use Ventrilo if possible, I'm not even sure if other Pc/Mac copatible comms progs exist other than teamspeex which I would imagine suffers the same problems due to the same codec being used.

Any info about planned development would be very useful thanks.
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Before the vent prototype came out i was in a guild that used TS, no sound quality problems were present. BTW the only people who need teamspeex is your mac user everyone else just uses normal TS. Teamspeex is a 3rd party program that allows mac users to connect TS2 servers.
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There is apparantly an issue with some PCs with older sound cards. Check to see what sound card those users have in their Windows machines.

The only problem I've ever had with feedback is when a user doesn't have a headset and uses their regular speakers with a stand-alone mic. Sounds horrible. Spend $25 and get a headset.
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