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Default Check This

I had the same issue and tried uninstalling reinstalling nothing seemed to work no help in the forums or on google then i noticed after hours of looking that i had an ingame keybind on the same key i was useing for my push to talk so it would kick it back while in game
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Thanks Prog-Rocker

Tried a different keyboard - no change.
Have tried multiple different ptt keys - again no change.
Changing the Vent compatibility mode doesn't make any difference either.

I was wondering what allows vent to remember settings when I uninstall & reinstall the client? Could this have anything to do with why I cannot fix my problem?
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Miss Chief
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Default Default Comms Device

Lo, I also suddenly started getting this problem (using Rift and Vent) worked fine one day then suddenly stopped working when Rift was my focus window.

I found this thread in my furious attempt to troubleshoot/resolve the issue.

Eventually I worked it out to be the fact that my headset was no longer listed at as the Default Communications Device in Control Panel > Sound.

Please note this is different to the Default Device in Windows XP/Vista/7/8. You can for example have a Default Device of normal Soundcard/Speakers while having a USB Headset setup as the Default Communications Device.

It is really dumb that this had any affect on Vent especially as Vent was and is set to specifically use my USB Headset rather than set to use the 'Default Device'. What is more I have no idea why it would have such a strange effect on the program... I could understand if I lost sound but to only stop my transmit bind from working when my focus window is changed

However this fixed the issue for me so I hope it helps anyone else who has made it this far into the thread
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