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Default Bluetooth Headphones only work while vent setup screen active

Vent client: v3.0.8 x64
Windows: v8.1 x64
Bluetooth adapter: Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R) 4.0 + HS Adapter
Headphones: Bluedio H-Turbine 4.1BT

Issue: Bluetooth headphones only work while I have the setup screen up. Push to talk won't work while setup screen is up, so microphone doesn't work at all.


I have tried disconnecting my BT headphones, making sure Vent client was shut down, connecting my BT headphones, making sure they work, making sure they are the default Windows sound input/output devices, starting Vent client.

The headphones still don't work outside of the setup screen. I have tried selecting the default devices, DirectSound on/off, and selecting the devices directly. As soon as I close the setup screen, there's no sound on the headphones.

No 3rd party bluetooth stacks installed (I used to have Blue Soliel installed, but I uninstalled it a long time ago and doesn't appear to have any drivers left in device manager).

Headphones work in all other games/devices that I have tested.
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fyi, ptt doesn't work while in setup screen unless you enable the monitor/test button functions.

in vent setup/voice-binds-speech tabs, did you set the output device to the BT name in the dropdown box?

at the bottom of the main window, is the 'mute sound' box checked?

try running vent in admin mode - rt-clik on the vent icon then selece 'run as admin'
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Will do...thanks!

So...I've tried all sorts of changing settings and restarting vent and headphones before, but tonight it just setup screen shenanigans or anything. As soon as the headphones paired, the audio switched over like it should.

Thank you for the help...will keep this info handy if it happens again!

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