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Default password resetting

I've been using vent for quite some time now and never had this problem before. I've done nothing different (that i know of) between yesturday and today.

I fill in all the appropriate info in the Connection Editor and type in my password, 5 characters, i click connect and i'm told that vent "connected to the server but is unable to authenticate....blah, blah, blah". I then go back into Connection Editor and find that my password is now 8 characters long. I'm typing the correct info, it's not in caps, is it resetting?... help?
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it is not changing the password. ventrilo always displays 8 * for the password field. you must have the wrong password or are in the USR list with a specific password. contact the server admin.
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You may need to contact your server admin and have him set the Authentication of the server to "Server is password protected" because at the moment he may have it where only users on the USR list are able to connect. I suggest contacting the server owner to verify information such as the type of authentication he has the server set to, also that you have the exact password that is needed.
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