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Default Macbook Pro - mic not working?

I've been running ventrilo for a long time on the PC and just recently made the switch to mac.
My clan's hosted server has been modified to use Speex, and all windows clients are using the Windows beta.
I downloaded ventrilo for mac, installed it as an admin user (not root) and it connects to the hosted server just fine.
I can hear everyone on the server, but they cannot hear me. Using the Test button did not work (just read that it isn't implemented fully yet), but the Monitor button DID show numbers in the 20-30 range while I was talking.
I'm using my Logitech "internet chat" headset (non-USB) with the plugs into the Line-In and the Headphone jacks.

Since the Monitor is showing data fluctuations only while I talk, what could the cause of no one being able to hear me be?
Is there a program on the Mac that would let me test the microphone, like sound recorder does on PC?

My Mac is a Macbook Pro 17, running 10.4.x
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The line-in jack is different than a microphone jack. A line-in jack does no amplification while a microphone does. So you will need some USB converter for your headset. Such thing would be a Macally iVoice II or a Griffin iMic or just get a USB headset.
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