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Default ventrilo talking problem (help plz)

ya hey everybody, i have a problem with my ventrilo.. see i put all the info for my friends server and i connect and join there channel and everything is fine except for the one problem i have which is that i cant communicate with my friends because i cant say anything and i cant hear anything they say either. i go to setup and check the use push to talk key and i put the key as the comma button. on my other computer that i used to have which was an HP everything was fine, but now that i use a mac and i have the system version 10.4.9 tiger by the way, ya now on the mac vent doesnt work. i put the inbound and outbound to the normal numbers that i used to have for my headphones and mic and it doesnt work. here is the thing when i check the push to talk key thing in setup i get a message saying "in order to use ptt hotkey you might need to enable access to assitive devices in unversal access in system prefrences " when i go into the system prefrences i cant find the thing im trying to do even though i really dont know what im trying to do lol. it also says something about speex codec or something but i dont know what that means. i dont know basically i cant say anything even when i am pressing the button and i cant hear what my friends are saying either but there mic symbol next to there names the red one turns green everytime they talk so i kno they say something but i cant hear and whne i try my voice red symbol doesnt turn green and i dont hear that sound either so plz help.
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