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Default USB Logitech mic not working


I've seen this issue repeatedly and I am having the same problem...I can hear everyone fine but my Logitech USB mic isn't working in vent. All levels are up. Tested the input in the sound options and it's receiving signal. Mutes are unchecked. Communication is checked and enabled. Using Speedx, highest quality...I believe the guildies are as well. Test doesn't work in vent but Monitor does. Monitor reads:
and when i speak it reads:
so Vent must be receiving signal as well just not reproducing it.
If anyone has anymore info on this, it would be greatly appreciated
I think Mac users are outta luck here.

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just tryin to help
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the problem may be windows users connected to your server. if there are ANY windows users that connect to the same server then they MUST update their vent client to the windows 2.3.2.beta.3 as it resolves an issue with the speex codec. The beta client is fully functional, even tho the version says beta.

the test button will record what you say after -begin- and then playback the same after -end-.

plz post a screenshot of vent setup
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