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Default Robotic Sound Issue Continues

I had high hopes with the last update that the robotic sound issue would finally be corrected but alas, it continues. :-(

The issue is: After using Ventrilo for a while (usually after a 1/2 hour or so) outgoing sound (me talking) sounds robotic to anyone else in the channel and gets to the point where others cannot understand what I am saying.

If I stop talking, after a few minutes the issue seems to correct itself - which is a vast improvement over what it used to do.

Also, if I quit vent and relaunch the app, it works fine for a time as well.

Duplicated on both 10.6.7 and 10.7 on 8 different Macs ranging from a MacMini to and iMac 27" i7 to a MacPro. The Macs are at different locations and use different internet providers. Other folks from around the country that we work/play with have reported the same issue.

Issue is 100% duplicatable, just takes time. If you just sit and listen it won't affect you because it's outgoing only, so you have to speak frequently - like during a brainstorming session or leading a raid.
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