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Default Problems connecting to my server

So my server had been working correctly. Last night i had a power out in the house, and my computer just shut off. Including my router and my internet. I'm not sure if this has caused the problem, but this morning when turning my computer back on, my server did not want to connect, i checked in the fourms and i got redirected to a page from ventrilo to check to see if my server is running correctly and it told me. (Ventrilo Server is Not Responding).

I'm running my server of a script on the mac using Automator.

At one point my firewall did pop out saying if i wanted to allow my server to connect, I pressed allow forever and to Accept. I checked to make sure i did it correctly and its in green. I'm using Little Snitch. So its being allowed to connect.

Then i got this message, ventriloserver encountered and error. The action "Run Shell Script" encountered an Error. Check the action's properties and try running the workflow again.

But im lost and do not know what to do. I even checked my router and everything is being port forwarded correctly. Anyone have any advice?
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