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Default Cannot Use PTT Hotkey Since OSX Upgrade

On the day that I upgraded to the latest version of OSX, Ventrilo stopped working the way it had in the past. Normally when I play WoW I have vent running in the background and I can still press the F1 key to talk. Upon upgrading to OSX vent stopped working in this way.

After upgrading to OSX I have to switch out of WoW, making vent my main program on the screen and this will allow me to press my F1 Hotkey and talk in vent. After this I can toggle back to WoW and play the game. If at any time I want to talk on Ventrilo, I have to bring the Ventrilo program forward before I can press the F1 Hotkey to talk.

Back and forth, back and forth. Any suggestions?
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have you checked for this yet?

To get PTT to work in-game go to
System Preferences>Security & Privacy>Privacy tab>then click on Accessibility tab then check the box for ventrilo.
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