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Default Any workaround for not having Speex?

First - thanks Flag for finally getting this release out.

My problem is this... our vent server admin utterly despises the Speex codec, there is absolutely ZERO chance that they will switch to Speex for their one mac user in the group. Is there any form of workaround to be able to at least LISTEN. Being able to transmit speech isnt important at this time but listening is key. Is there no way to at least enable recieving with the codec discrepancies?

Any chance for a quick release version that is compatible with GSM?
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then your vent admin has some serious issues, IMO. I would like to hear the arguments.
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Are you telling me that it's a major challenge to download and install the 2.3.2.Beta.1?

If I release 2.4 they would all have to upgrade anyway.

Now, if they had to pay money for it I could see the point, but come on, it's a free download.
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