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Default Possible Parallels Virtual Machine Issue

Because my Guild does not support Speex on their Ventrillo server, I've had to find a creative solution to use the Windows version of Ventrillo running on a Parallels virtual Windows XP machine.

I spent the better part of the day yesterday installing Ventrillo and configuring my Mac and virtual Windows machine so that mike input and audio output worked the way I wanted.

I had to reboot the virtual Windows XP machine after configuration changes to ensure that the Windows to Parallels to Mac drives were all playing nicely.

What I discovered was that I could get ventrillo to talk and receive using the voice activation feature, however, I was not successful in getting Ventrillo's Push to Talk feature to work unless the Parallels/XP virtual machine was operating in the foreground. As a background process the PTT key binding fails to operate and the Mac likes to let you know that you are pressing the key down with a constant repetitive drumming sound too annoying for practicle use.

If anyone has discovered a better work-around, I would appreciate knowing.

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Well, Windows would have to be active for you to be sending a keypress to it. Otherwise it would get sent to your Mac OS.

If you haven't turned on Assistive Devices i would do that, but i don't think it'll help.
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Yep, I don't see that working, and it's neither the fault of Ventrilo or OS X. It's just the way those things work.

Note that Flagship has said he's trying to get the next version out in the near future and that should resolve the GSM problem.
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I found a solution to this.

You can buy a gamepad or a numberpad only keyboard or even an extra full keyboard.

In parallels, make sure that "Devices->USB->[name of device you want to be used by windows]" is checked, then in the System Preferences on the mac side "Enable Access to assistive devices" in the Universal Access section.

Doing this will allow you to use push to talk access of ventrilo on the windows side while the mac side is in the front.
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