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just tryin to help
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got the pics, thx

are you running windows vista or win7?

what does the headset plug into? usb port or a 3.5mm analog jack?

in the user client - voice-binds-speech tabs, set the output/input to the name of the headset device. in the hardware mixer section, either set it to 'none' or the same name as the input device. (the input device should specify the microphone)

looks like you have the music client setup correctly
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Hey Prog-Rocker, I'm running Vista and have my music bot set up as you have stated. I am plugging in both headphones and microphone via 2 seperate jacks directly into laptop. I can stream the music fine but if someone talks they are getting a reverb or loop from my music bot. I believe this is happening when my talking client is in same room as my music client. Is this because I am plugging directly into my soundcard as opposed to having a usb headset, which would allow me to change options on my talking client to be different from my music client?

my output options for music bot are- default/Realtek digital output /and speakers realtek hi def
my input options for music bot are- microphone realtek/default direct sound/ stereo mix realtek hi def (have the stereo mix selected)

same options for speaking client but i have default selected for ouput and microphone selected for input.

(And yes I have the Mute Sounds checked for my Music Bot)

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have you muted the input device in the playback part of your mixer
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