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Default XP, USB Headset, Decent Ping, Consistent Performance Issues

Hello Vent forums,

I am running Windows XP, headset is Logitech USB headset (it probably has a more detailed name but hopefully that will suffice). Ping sits around the 55 mark and has fluctuated to around 90 on occasion.

I am quite new to vent, i downloaded it for use when i play WoW. I also went out and purchased a very expensive headset with microphone.

However when I am using microphone and trying to talk on vent I get very sporadic results. When I talk directly into my microphone the speaker icon beside my name only occasionally turns green (I have been monitoring it to see how often other people online with me can hear me talk). I suspect they can only hear me 15-25% of the time.

To answer a few obvious questions, my microphone is not on mute, i have not muted speech in volume control , likewise in vent setup. I can test my microphone through my pc and even when i talk softly into it it comes through my speakers crystal clear so i doubt it is a microphone issue.

I am hoping that someone could provide me with the key things I need to have selected/checked etc in all the different Vent Setup options/tabs. I have gone to the Vent FAQ and changed what it advises to but still no consistent success. I would also like to know how to use the monitor/test vent functions so I can try and optimise my settings but for now I will definitely settle for just having it work consistently.

If anyone could offer any help I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
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