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I have the exact same problem with the G15. I have a Microsoft laser mouse and USB hub also plugged into USB ports. Windows XP SP 3, only started after getting the keyboard. Thanks for the tip on unplugging the keyboard, I'll do that from now on.
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hmm, try using the front USB ports and see if the problem goes away.
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if i may say, the cause of this problem that i found on my end was Cyberlink Powercinema, it seems to cause a lock somehow that is broken when the keyboard is unplugged, I tested this with a fresh vista install, update all drivers fully, using windows media center since my Asus Mycinema 7131 card is now supported by MC, but i lost the ability to play PS2 on my computer since MC wont let me switch inputs as far as I can tell but Power cinema does, well I had a craving to play Chrono cross the other day so I reinstalled Powercinema and the lag started up again, I uninstalled it and it went away. Hope this helps and one of the other posters here can confirm they are also running a program that tries to use the media control on the G15 and it messes with vent
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just tryin to help
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and thanks for the troubleshooting information.
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