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Default This is "User Editor" basics

This is to help any questions about users and access to a vent server.

"user1" will be the generic user
"officer1" will be the generic sub admin
"ADMIN1" will be the generic admin

ok so we want to make it so user1 can talk in vent we go to

log in as the admin (or if your an autoadmin)
rt-click the server name in vent
-go to user editor
-lft click "user1"
-click the Transmit tab
-there are several options here
-just transmit
-Broadcast (in any form) means that they can talk in this specific area
(to lobby) (User-to-User) and (cross channel)
these are the most important on the left side of this tab
the right side has some important ones also
-Mute globally at log in (this does not allow them to talk after log in)
they will have to be un-muted if this is checked
-Mute others while talking (this means when they talk you cant)
I DO NOT suggest this for anyone except
"raid leaders" "guild leaders" or "Super admins"
Now the above is generic and this is what they will need to just transmit
(you may want to add other things on this tab for them if you want)

you are still logged in as an admin
go to user editor and lft click on "user1"
-under the network tab
-click "Switch channels"

ok now "user1" can talk and move to different (non restricted) channels

lets move to "officer1"
to give them rights since they are not a super admin you want to
-Do the same as you did to "user1"
-under the admin tab click on "move users"
-under the channel admin tab
-add channels that you want them to be able to move people from and to
(move from channel "A" to channel "B") they have to have admin on
both channels in order to move people

This maybe also used for a "guild leader" but a few things you may want to change on this one would be
-under the admin tab click on change MOTD

Every user up to this point needs to have Channel Authorization if you want them to have it so..
in the user editor
click on "user1" OR "officer1" and give them the authorization to transmit/join the restricted channels if you want them to be able to join them

whats nice is you can load different profiles
under user editor look at the top there is a drop down menu
"user1" should have "Generic user" profile used
"officer1" has a modified "generic admin" profile

lets move on to "ADMIN"
I would limit this to no more than 3 total

and this is your only WARNING!
this is you.. remember this key point
that is if you as the server admin can kick / ban / change passwords so can they

to give a "registered" user admin rights
go to user editor
-click their name
-load generic admin profile
-go to the admin tab
-check the box that says "server admin"
your done even if you have a restricted channel they can get into them because they are the server admin

just thought I would make this post so people could see everything in one place instead of searching through all these posts

hope this helps

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