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Default Ventrilo, X-FI Mic Cut Out

I am having an issue while using Vent with Counter Strike Source utilizing the front panel only. The rear jacks work ok and I have never experienced any issues with them. But, being that it is inconvenient I want to use the front panel.

I can get the front panel set up ok but after a while playing in CS I can't transmit. I can hear fine. The green transmit light comes on but nothing is going out. The temp fix is to alt-tab to the desktop, go to vent setup, just hit "OK" and go back into the game and all is well. Until it fails again that is. Has anyone experienced this particular issue? Any fix?

I have the latest drivers for X-fi. I updated the bios a few months ago.

Here is my setup...

Processor: Intel P4 3.4Ghz
MB: ABIT Fatality
Memory: 2G
Vid: Sapphire X700pro
Sound: Creative X-FI Platinum
OS: WinXp sp2

Thanks a Bunch!

p.s. Anyone who has been having issues getting the front panel set up in Vent (line in2/Mic 2) and it not immediately working, If you reboot it should work fine. At least it did for me.
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interesting, thanks for the info
may want to look here too
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