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thanx, tried it. ip add didnt work either.
i have installed a completely new modem/router this week. do u think power- cycling is necessary?
would you be able to give me instructions on how to completely uninstall ventrillo from a mac? because it seems to retain information, indicating it does not completely uninstall.
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just tryin to help
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goto {login name}/library/preferences/ventrilo folder/rename or delete the ventrilo2.ini

have you tried the steps described starting in the middle of this post:
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Originally Posted by SILKY View Post
could that be the problem do you think?multiple access from the same IP?
Yes! That may be the issue.

Have an admin connect via vent
Main Window->Right Click->Server Admin->User Editor
Select the (Guest) account in the let hand box that lists users
Click the Network tab on the right
In the Duplicate IP's section, set the Popup to No Limit
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I am also having this same type of problem, I already brought it to the store and everything, but didn't want them have to charge me for anything :/
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