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Default password issue

So I've recently gotten a new computer, and i took the old HDD as a slave in this new one, not knowing i needed to copy all the passwords down for servers that i usually connect too.

I've found the old ventrilo2.ini file easily and have all the connection details except for the password. I have the EncPass, which i presume is the encrypted password. The password for the server hasn't changed in like 5+ years so i presume that it hasn't changed in the last couple of months.

Is there someway, or somebody i can contact (who works for ventrilo) who can decrypt the password? Or any other way of contacting the server admin so he can confirm my access to the server? Basically is there anyway I'm ever going to talk to these friends again or is it a lost cause move on and scratch the 5+ years of friends who conntact to that server?
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Sorry, even we can not retrieve the password, by design.

You'll need to contact the people the server is associated with and ask for them to reset your password.
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