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Question One "little" ventrilo problem.

My ventrilo server client: 3.0.2
My ventrilo client: 3.0.4
I'm using Microsoft (vista)

Here is my problem:
My friends are in my ventrilo and they can talk and see me, and i can talk but they dont hear it but they see me talking. And i can't see any of my friends in the ventrilo but the Ventrilo Server program says that there is people in my ventrilo. I am the owner and it says [OWNER] in front of my name. The vent server is also called "A" antonin ventti. What is the problem!?

EDIT: All my friends see my mic pic as yellow, not green? (when i talk)

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the "A" means you're logged in as admin

in user-editor, you need to give acct 'see' permissions in the display tab

for your friends accts (or guest acct) you need to give them 'receive broadcast' permissions

while you're there, check the other permissions for everyone and don't forget to hit the update button for each acct when done
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