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Unhappy TTS Bindings

Hi, I have been messing around with the TTS bindings and I can hear them, play them, but I cant figure out how to send them to everyone else.

I have tried with several keys (controls, alts, numbers, etc) but unfortunately its not sending them, for example, when I create a new binding (or edit an existing one, in the TTS mode) I can hit play and hear it, but when I am out and hit the key (for example hit the key 1, it will not play the sound, or broadcast it (broadcasting it is marked by a T in front of your nickname I believe) it will simply select (or toggle) channels started with an 1.
I have checked and I do have permission to send bindings.

on short: I can create and hear my own bindings on the tester where you make them, but I don't know how to send them on the channel.

On another note, does anyone knows if when you speak with TTS on in the chat if people outside the chat will hear you speak?
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That's a really good question. All of a sudden the TTS bind functionality is not working for us either. Everything is setup exactly correct, no Mute Microphone, running as administrator, but nothing seems to work to get this bind to play once connected to a server. If you're disconnected from a server and press that bind key for a TTS message it plays just fine, it just won't transmit the message once logged in. Bump please....
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@azthec, sorry i didn't respond here, i totally missed it.

i set this up and it's working fine for me.

in vent setup/speech tab, is the 'Play tts by others' box checked?
is the output device set correctly

does the channel admin properties 'allow tts binds'
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