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Default I have a ptoblem

I have Vent on push to talk, but whenever I talk, I get disconnected from Vent.

Also, I'm not the most pc-literate person you'll meet...

I did the Run as Administrator thing, and it worked. For one day. Then, the next day, it was business as usual, getting disconnected whenever I push to talk...

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Do you have your push-to-talk button set to something other than your left control button? More than likely, the "Connect/Disconnect" button is the actively selected button on the Ventrilo client and when you press your PTT button, you are also activating the Disconnect button.

To fix that, I would recommend either changing your PTT button back to the Left Control key or you can just press the tab button to ensure that the Disconnect button is not selected as the active button on Ventrilo.
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