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Default Insane mic laggggg

Well, my lag just really started up a few days ago. It was fine for around a few months then it just went haywire and it takes my friends at least ten seconds to hear anything I say. Which is not very convenient if we are doing something that needs info fast. I do have vent running while playing AoC i do not know if that has anything to do with it, but my AoC ping has been jumping up and down from 78 - 10000 lately so I have no idea what is going on any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks =)
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your ping in AoC without vent is 78 - 10000! call your ISP and ask whats up.

runs you spyware is any and virus checker , dbl chk you firewall log see id you geting DDOS attacks, also check you router log fo the same.

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who is your ISP?
when the problem is occurring please run a tracert to the server.
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