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Aaron Koolen
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Default All of a sudden sound goes crazy..

Hi all. I got a PowerWave USB headset for use with Vent and used it for several hours the first time without a hitch, then all of a sudden my my sound just increased in volume by quite a bit and go all scratchy. I could still hear people, but my mic then doesn't work.

Now whenever I use vent, it takes about 10-15 minutes and this happens again. When this happens, pulling out the headset and putting it back in helps for a little bit with sound quality but from that point on the mic stops working. When I go to 'Test' and 'Monitor' mode I get a 'start failed' dialog.

I was wondering if this is a known issue, or could I look at my headset as a culprit?

Once the sound has gone all scratchy, even non vent sound is ruined. And then, even if I turn vent off it's still bad. So I'm not sure it's just vent (Although it never happens unless I have vent on)

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