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Default The "Channel" basics

Now that you have a server lets start with channels.

1) to add a channel to you server rt click any white area below the server name.

2) log in as an admin under server admin

3) rt click the server name
go to Channel admin
lft click create...

4) enter the channel name/phonetic/password

To make a sub-channel it is about the same as above except.
1) log in as an admin

2) rt-click the CHANNEL name
this makes a sub-channel

3) enter the channel name/phonetic/password for the sub channel

Now that we have the channel and the sub channel made lets move on to the meaty part of the editing

IF you want to make this just password protected then your done at the above steps (if you dont want passwords dont enter them it will default to an open channel so anyone on the server can join)

There are 3 basic types of channels
3)User authenticated

1) has a BLUE + or - beside the name
2) has a RED + or - beside the name
3) has a YELLOW + or - beside the name

1) is a basic channel that everyone can join

2) after you have followed the steps above and have the channel password set you need to edit the rest of the channel
rt-click the channel
-protected mode
-channel password

Now the channel has the password set and it is good to go

3) is a little more tricky
-log in as an admin
-rt-click on the channel
-channel admin
-edit channel
-protected mode
-User Authorization

The users that can utilize this channel have to be edited under the user profile/channel auth

The above basic only there are many things you can do to the channels after these steps IE: rank/voice/guest transmit/inactivity timers and much more

To give authorization you log in as the server admin/user editor/channel auth/select the user you want to have access/add channels to their list/click update.
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