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Exclamation [Bug Report] Bindings and Direct Input

How to reproduce the bug:

1. Use default settings, but uncheck option "Use Direct Input to detect Hotkey" and set any PTT key.
2. Add any new Bind and select it.
3. Press PTT key and see that it doesn't work!

Two more scenario with incorrect work (first do the same as before):

a) Focus on other window and see that PTT key works fine! Well, now press and hold PTT and focus Ventrilo window.
Unpress PTT and see that you are still talking!

b) Disable binds (Bindings = None), restart Ventrilo or open/close Setup window, see that PTT key works fine!
Select any bind from the list and see that PTT doesn't work. Disable binds and see that PTT still doesn't work! (untill restart or open/close Setup window)a

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