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Default permanent banning

I am aware of the IP and subnet banning facility within vent, but I do find it a bit useless when a user has a dynamic IP (and banning a subnet of every Ip that beings with say 80.15..... is just too broad and will cut out many innocent users). Some of the admins on my vent have been having trouble with a particular user and find themselves on a ban-on-sight duty, but with the dynamic IP the ban is only good for 5 minutes until they release - renew.

Could there be a possibility of implementing a more permanet solution of banning a partiuclar user on information other than their IP?

I may be thinking too far along the lines of PunkBuster here but could vent, on the install of the client, extract a piece of hardware information, such as a motherboard serial number, or a MAC address, apply an encryption forumla to it and use the result as a unique identifier which the ventrilo server can check on a conenction attempt. If this 'identifier' is found to be on a ban list in the server file then connection could be refused. The client would then only be able to connect to that server if the ban is lifted, or if they get a new identifier by getting new hardware.

I understand that taking apiece of hardware information such as a serial number is perhaps an invasion of privacy, but it could be something a user has to agree to in an install license agreement message.

Am I thinking too far out of the box?
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