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Default Server querying in PHPNuke

This isn't really a support question for the vent server, more of a direct question for FlagShip. However it is more directed toward the server than the client so I decided to put it in this section for want of a more suitable one.

Anyway, to cut to the chase. I have made use of your excellent PHP status scripts and cobbled together a module for the web portal system, PHPNuke. This gives the general server layout complete with connected clients, and a graphical link to connect to that server. All what was there in the original scripts but ready made to plug into PHPNuke as a module. What I need to ask is if I have your permission as copyright holder to use the Ventrilo logo within the module before I go ahead and release this module for other PHPNuke webmasters to download and use on their own websites. If you wish to see the logo in its context in the module please do have a look [URL=""][url=]here[/url][/URL].

Of course, if I am to release this module (pending your approval) it will be done for free and under the usual open source guidelines. Also a note of the copyright notices regarding the Ventrilo name and logo are referenced within the installation documentation I have made.

If you do not approve of the use of the logo within the module I will replace it before making it available for download.

Many thanks for taking a look.

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