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Just finished with every other thread on here and it looks like it's pretty obvious what the issue is and it's rather funny that it's popping up slowing all over and that after hearing about this over and over they keep creating the same issue. The problem with large ISP's is that the process for installing/updating is written by some guy at a desk that never sees the real world implementation. The Guy who sets it all up doesn't use is or think for himself, just copies what he was given. The people troubleshooting the device don't talk to the customers, and the people you talk to when you call in don't have a clue about any of the hardware.

So here's what happens. You call with a problem.. you get some BS answer since the connection is working fine for everything but vent. Help desk guy goes on with his day and forgets you called. Repeat this bout 100 times a day. One of the analysts will clue in that he's heard about issues with vent a lot lately and ask higher up about it. It might then get to the next level that can look at the hardware. If they actually believe the help desk knows anything about IP traffic, they might look at it. If they do find the issue, they aren't authorized to change it anyway without going to the network planners to find out what kind of impact this will have on the network. Then they have to come up with a plan to make the necessary changes, analyze disruption caused by making the changes, and design a rollback plan if the changes fail or cause issues. Then this will get passed back to the guys who can make the changes and they'll plan to do it when impact is the smallest.

Process is in place for a reason but it sure is a pain when it's something that affects you. And it drives everyone in the chain nuts to since it's quite likely a change that can be made by typing one or two lines into the traffic policies.
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