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Default Contacting server problem

I installed Windows on a new computer yesterday. I cant log in to a specific ventrilo server anymore, while all other vt servers I've tried have worked fine. I should probably mention I'm using a P8P67 motherboard with an Intel 82579 Network adapter (updated to latest drivers). And Windows 7 (64bit). Not only cant I access the server in ventrilo, I cant even see the status of the server when I check on [url][/url]. It just says "Ventrilo server is not responding." The server is up and running (others can connect without issues), while I'm unable to even check the status. Also, I cant access the server if doing a telnet command in cmd. Whereas I can get through with a tracert command. I've tried to - disable antivirus/software firewall - forward ports on router - reset router - disable QoS - reinstalled different versions of Ventrilo 3.0.7 (64 and 32 bit) Nothing really seem to help. Given the somewhat weird circumstances of not even being able to check the status on the web page, I wanted to hear if someone might be able to figure out what is wrong? Any help is very appreciated.
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it sounds like you might have a typo in either the ipaddress/hostname or the port# for the server. suggest contacting another user to verify the info

the status page runs on a totally different server and sends the info back to your browser. if it can't get a response then the server either isn't running or the info you entered is wrong.

the traceroute was able to get to a valid ipaddress but that's as far as it goes.

the telnet not connecting also indicates probably the wrong port#.
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