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Default Password

I have a problem with passwords i typed in a six character password and when i click ok and then tried to connect my password didnt work
i go back to server settings and the password is now 8 characters long.
this has hapended over and over again
is there a minimum of 8 characters for a password?
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The number of stars does not show how long your password is. It will always be displayed as 8 stars.
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I have the exact same problem, and have had it for a while. Ive entered in the vent information hundreds of times with caps off and the password always goes back to being 8 characters long, unless I dont give a password. Then when I click connect, I get the "connected to server but unable to authentiate user/password" error.
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As Flagship said, the number of stars/bullets is not an indication of how long the password is.

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