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Default Allowing guest users

I'm considering renting a large Vent server for our guild's use (we currently rent a small one). The goal would be to allow others to join us on the server from time-to-time.

However, I don't want to give them our server password and don't want to change it after session that includes guests.

One solution is to remove the password before the session and put it back after. But that does require all the normal users to either delete the password from their client, or setup a different profile.

Is there a way to setup a guest password that is separate from the normal server password? Ideally, one would have the ability to enable and disable the use of this password without affecting the main password.

Any ideas appreciated.

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Server admin can change the "AUTH" mode on the fly via RCON window.

Auth 0 <- Disables the need for a password.
Auth 1 <- Requires the password.

Auth by it self will display the current auth value.
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