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Default How does a reg. Vent user change their own password under 3.0.0?

Now that Vent has user access control, here's something that's got me scratching my head. How does a non-admin user change their own password? I created several users on my server and set their passwords to our (old) vent server password, so that they could login without my having to contact each user individually with a password. But once logged in, we couldn't figure out any way to change user passwords without Admin access to the User Editor. I'm using the Mac client. Am I just being thick? Please tell me so and how to do it - or tell me it's impossible so I can stop looking! Thanks. :-)
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the user needs Add User priviledges and the owner of that client/user if they do not have Server Admin rights.
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So there is no way to allow them to change this without being able to create as many extra accounts as they want?

Also it gets kind of messy when everyone on a server has Add account rights as well as trying to pick out owners in the drop down menu for new users.

Anyway in upcoming versions to either have a change password function, or add in something like a edit account feature, and make it default that users are owners of their own account? It makes it very inefficient to have to manual edit all users passwords.
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