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Angry USB = No Play Key Clicks

I want to use my Crative HS 1200 Wirless Headsphones (USB) for Vent on my vista computer.
When I had them on my win 7 computer I could not hear the Key Clicks sound, it did XMIT.
Now that I have moved the USB wireless headphones to my Vista computer, I still do not hear the Key Clicks (through Headphones); it does XMIT.
If I run vent on the Win 7 computer that has speakes with the GREEN phone plug and I hear the key Clicks through the speakers (no changed to default except the switch from headphones to speakers).

So, the problem seems to be the USB connection. What do I have to change in the set up so the usb will Play Key Clicks?
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on each tab in setup, ensure that the device is set.
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