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Default XP Hit Setup Crash

It seems I, like many others among these forums have come across the "hit setup and ventrilo crashes" bug.

I have tried everything imaginable.. I have updated audio drivers, I've rolled back audio drivers, I have even removed audio drivers completely to see if it would work. Still doesnt. I have also tried previous versions of ventrilo to no avail. I've reinstalled ventrilo, and note, that anytime I uninstall something I use Revo Uninstaller, which gets rid of everything related to the application, including anything in windows Registry.

I have also done "start > run > %appdata% > ventrilo" and deleted those files. And lastly.. I have gone and unplugged USB devices to see if their were any conflicts. Still nothing, and YES i've done what the FAQ says with the hold CTRL... it does nothing, still crashes.

If anyone has ANY idea how to fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated. This is a new computer build, heres my specs

Processor: AMD x2 6000+ 3.1ghz
RAM: 4g OCZ PC6400 Ram (2g x2)
Hard Drives: 40gig Raptor HD
80gig HD
Mobo: Biostar TA790GX 128M
Audio: Onboard (Realtek High-Definition Audio Driver)
Graphics: BFG Nvidia 7800GT OC

Everything runs solid, ventrilo is the only application I am having trouble with. Audio and Microphone work fine in games and such. If anyone has any ideas, please help
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check for this (it says vista but the problem may just be with this nvidia driver)

[FONT=Verdana](posted by another user)[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]If you are running a mobo with nVidia chipset and have "NVIDIA Forceware Network Access Manager" installed from the Fourceware package I'd uninstall it as it is an add-on you don't need that only conflicts with Vista. A lot of stuff ran smoother after I uninstalled it actually. I wouldn't be all that surprised if that's causing a lot of issues with vent and Vista as a lot of issues I'm noticing are peeps with nVidia stuff.[/FONT]
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dont have [FONT=Verdana]NVIDIA Forceware Network Access Manager installed. Thats a no-go
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for all with this problem. I read that someone disconnected a device from their computer. I had connected a wireless mouse to my computer before isntall. show just to try it i disconnected it. I know have access to the setup tab without it crashing. So if you have addon devices attached to your computer you might want to start by disconnecting them one by one to see which it is. Good luck hope this helps.
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