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Default Vent server on LAN

Hi all,

I'm trying to run a vent server on a LAN I'm administering for a local LANparty. I'm using a mac to run the server, with windows and mac clients for testing (and playing). I set up the server, which installed just fine (I'm using default settings, with the exception of the speex codec), and connected to it (localhost *and* while still connected to my home internet. Everything worked great.

Here's the issue: on the LAN (which has *no* internet connection, because the sponsors are cheap), I can't connect to the vent server. Here's what I've done:

PC client -> Mac server (3784tcp&udp and 6100udp forwarded)
Mac client -> Mac server (using localhost, all firewalls off, no network connection at all)
Mac client -> PC server (again with ports forwarded, no firewall)

I've read most messages in this forum pertaining to this, but have found nothing. I've come to the conclusion that vent (client/server/both?) has to see the internet somehow in order to work, but there's no documentation of this feature. Is there anything I haven't thought of?
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It won't work then. Vent servers require Internet access to or they won't function.

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