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Default Problems Under 10.5 Leopard

I have just installed Vent on the newest version of apples OS 10.5. It is working very well, but is having some display issues. Here is a screen shot of the behavior.

I know you guys are working on a new release, and hope you can fix this so you wont have to fix it again when the os is released in october. you guys make a great product, and i hope this helps.

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ensure that the firewall is allowing UDP for ventrilo and the ports you are using.
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Default Firewall settings did not change behavior

In the Leopard Beta, the firewall settings are now in Security system prefs; there's an "allow all incoming connections" button, which I had selected.

I also added Ventrilo to the list of applications, just in case. This did not change the functionality.

Since Leopard's a beta, I'm going to try to archive and install back to tiger today at work.
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This has nothing to do with firewalls, that's a typical response from people who don't want to bother doing any work.
Relax. You're using a beta OS. It's understandable that there may be compatibility issues which have to be addressed. I won't speculate on when Flagship will officially support 10.5, but I'm willing to bet that supporting an unreleased OS is not high on the priority list.

mjgraf's comments were quite reasonable. UDP traffic being blocked can cause the behavior described.
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