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Default Mute Others While Talking (PTT Advanced)......

During large raids I have now found it necessary to utilise this function for myself on my server.

I am logged into my server with full [SA] rights and I have selected the function "Mute others while talking (PTT Advanced)" for myself in the user editor TRANSMIT panel and updated it.

I have then used the Bindings Editor to set up a Hotkey with my right hand CTRL key, named the binding Mute All and assigned the Transmit Style to "Current Channel" and ticked the "Mute other users" box at the bottom.

My sound settings are set at the Use Direct Sound settings and the Binding comes up saved as -

Use DirectInput ticked

Right Control PTT Advanced CURRENT CHANNEL

So everything seems ok, the hotkey when pressed will transmit my voice to channel however other users are still able to talk over the top of me.

What am I doing wrong???
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is the r-control key the same key as the normal ptt key?

does the bindings drop-down box show the 'mute all' saved setting?
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The special Advanced PTT key is the right side CTRL key. The standard PTT key is the left side CTRL key.

I am not sure what you mean by the "mute all" saved setting. When I edit the special binding key I have set up the following are selected and saved -

Current Channel
Mute other users
Mute inbound streams
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