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Originally Posted by wadesworld
That is definitely not correct. Is the input gain slider in the system Sound Preference pane set correctly? Does it show correct responsiveness to sound input there?

Is the input device set correct in Ventrilo?
Yes the input on my computer input pane is right on. The meater showes my computer hearing my mic just fine. Peaks at 3/4 to the top with a normal speaking voice. all's good there.
Now as to the Ventrilo setings I'm not sure.
(( This is were a simple written out base line setting page would be very usrful on the Ventrilo site or in the Mac forum))
Ie...... 1) What is the Silence time setting and what does it do?
2) What does the Sensitivity setting effect and what should it be
set to as a base line.
3) Both the Sound Output and Sound Input panes let me chose
my Logitech usb Headset but in the Input pane I need to slide
the input bar all the way to max just to get my mic to pick up
vioce, As I stated before.
The list goes on but I think you get the point. I know all systems are a littel different but there must be a staring point to your program. If we know what things do we can fine-tune them ourselves.
Please do yourselves and us a favor and get somthing written out for us to read. Allso get the Help button up and runnig ASAP. It will save you alot of work answering these questions. But I'm sure you know that allredy.
Seriously speeking, Thanks for putting this together for the Mac. I know it's alot of work.
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What kind of logitech USB headset? I have one that works fine.

Sensitivity affects transmission when voice-activated mode is used. However, you should use push to talk.
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