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Default Strange crash

Here's what's happened the past few days: while running WoW & Vent on my PowerBook G4 (OS 10.3.9), the system freezes for 10+ seconds. No mouse movement, my iTunes song goes into "skip" (plays the same 1/2 second fragment repeatedly), and all is frozen. According to people in my WoW raid party, my toon goes running off in a direction if I was moving at the time (yes - causing inappropriate aggro ). Once, it hard crashed my computer, needing to reboot - other times I just need to wait 10-30 seconds for it to clear up. It's only happened in a raid party, but I can raid without Vent with no problems.

It doesn't happen if I shut down Vent, so I think that's the culprit. I've tried shutting down all other software except WoW, Vent & Firefox - still happens. Any ideas?
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It's possible that a few of the sound system problems might be the cause of this. The next prototype release will have some changes in this respect.

But that's the first I've heard of this problem.
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